About GVA


The Global Vodka Alliance has been formed as a direct result of interacting with industry members who have been asking for an industry body to drive the category forward in a comprehensive, cohesive and responsible way. The gulf in consumer knowledge between Vodka and other spirits is a further catalyst to the GVA’s creation. Ensuring consumers have an understanding of the category to the point where they are engaged with it is important to us.  

The GVA is composed of member brands that work together to promote the category. With a selection of founding members that have offered insight and guidance to help create a member body that can move the category forward.

Before the GVA was formed there was a UK campaign that had been running since 2015 called ‘Vodka Rocks’. The campaign was both consumer and industry focused putting on a number of events and education activities. The last event run under the name ‘Vodka Rocks’ was the Vodka Summit, held in London. Over 20 brands came to a day of discussion and planned talks about the category.

The project to create the GVA website began at the beginning of 2017. After nearly a year of planning and development between brands and Garnish Communications ,the agency behind its creation, we are proud to share the website and its features with the world. Stay in touch by subscribing tour newsletter for more information about the GVA and what is coming up. If you would like to find out more about membership click here.