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20 August 2018

Absolut Vodka launch Juice Edition

Submitted by: Team GVA

Focusing on the retail space, the world famous Swedish vodka have launched Absolut Strawberry and Absolut Apple into their ‘Juice Editions’.

Absolut Juice is made using Absolut Vodka and fruit juice. The new range is presented in 50cl bottles and the drinks have the significantly lower abv of 35% allowing bottles to reach as low as £13.00 in UK stores.

The two flavours currently available have been inspired by Swedish seasons, strawberries for the Swedish summer and apple for autumn and are said to be perfect for mixing with soda. The inspiration in design seems to tap in the current craft trend and fruit products which are constantly on the rise in white spirits.

Chris Shead, channel director for grocery at Pernod Ricard UK, said: “Absolut is the UK’s number one flavoured vodka and the overall number one premium vodka brand in grocery multiples, growing in value 9.4%. For the past five summers, flavoured spirits have outgrown unflavoured spirits and UK vodka drinkers are preferring sweet fruit flavours. Absolut is therefore in the perfect position to drive overall category growth with a true category innovation, Absolut Juice Edition.

“Consumers have developed a strong desire for products with a high level of realness, as they believe it brings a better taste and Absolut Juice Edition responds to this, while also appealing to the increasingly health conscious who favour brands with natural ingredients. Our simple serving suggestion is with soda but both flavours work really well with other simple mixers or within cocktails, such as a spritz made using Prosecco, tonic water and garnished with strawberries or a slice of green apple.”

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