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4 March 2018

Cornwall to get first single estate vodka distillery

Submitted by: Nik Koster

Steve Dustow, a fifth-generation farmer Steve Dustow is creating what he states is Cornwall's first single estate vodka distillery.

Dustow's 'Colwith Farm Distillery and Visitor Centre' will be distilling the spirit a in tradtional grain-to-glass style. Their first brand will be called Aval Dor, which is Cornish for potato, the grain the distllery will be using (King Edward potatoes are planned).

Steve said to local publications: “We first had the idea of producing our own spirits and building our own distillery around eight years ago... the concept for Cornwall’s first potato vodka came to fruition with the launch of Aval Dor in 2014, followed by Stafford’s Gin in 2015. It’s been a while in the making but it’s fantastic to see the distillery finally taking shape. There are lots of companies producing Cornish gin but we’re the first in Cornwall to bring the whole process under one roof.” 

The launch of another grain-to-glass vodka distillery in the UK is another in what is becoming a trend in British spirits production and the focus of those distilleries is vodka indicating a big change in how vodka could be seen in the near future.

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