The ‘Educational Portal’ gives an easily digestible introduction to Vodka; what it is, how it’s made, the history, the different types (touching on modern categorisation) and how to drink and taste Vodka. Each section is designed to be informative for both a novice to the category and those who think themselves well acquainted. 

If you are looking for more in depth articles, education topics and discussion on the category as a whole then the ‘education zone’ of the members area is where you should head to.

This is a guide to vodka tasting, providing some useful tips and information on what to look for. Leading you through the best approach to tasting Vodka, a spirit that is often misunderstood for the depth of flavour it can hold.

The style and category of a Vodka can be heavily debated often depending on the parameters you are categorizing it by. Having said this there are a number of main styles that any vodka will fit into. These are Eastern, Western, Aged and Flavored.

The history of vodka is long and complex and much of the ‘vodka belt’ distilleries were destroyed by war. As a result it is origin and history is debatable, however there is much we do know. The following information will take you on a journey through notable dates in the lifespan of the category.

It is reasonably easy to make a product that you can call Vodka, having said this you can also make it incredibly complicated. Each stage of the process presents challenges and a vast variety of options each of which will impact the final product.

The perfect place to start your Vodka education is with understanding what Vodka is. Where does it come from? What does style of Vodka mean? If you already know what Vodka is why not have a look at one of our other training pages for further information on; Vodka history, how to go about tasting it, making of Vodka and differentiation in taste.