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What is Vodka



Merriam Webster Dictionary defines vodka as:

“A distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings”



World map to show vodka origins

The origins of vodka are hotly contested!

Stefan Falimierz asserted in his 1534 works on herbs that vodka could serve "to increase fertility and awaken lust"

Very little information exists on the subject, however, it’s widely accepted that modern vodka as we know it can be traced back to Poland and Russia.


How It’s Made

image of a vodka distillery

Vodka can be made from any ingredient that has carbohydrates which can be broken down to create sugars.

Home made vodka used to be very popular across the world, one of the most notable periods of ‘home distillation’ took place during the American prohibition era and the production of moonshine.

Common base ingredients include cereal grains, potatoes and fruits, each will give a different end result.

Vodka goes through the processes of filtration and distillation.



Image of a woman smelling a glass of vodka

Vodka is not always neutral and flavourless! There are several styles of vodka including Eastern Style, Western Style, Flavoured and Aged Vodkas.

Fun Fact: A few of the more unique bases used to make vodka today are grapes and milk!

These different styles come from a range of different base materials, process and slight differing production methods.

What is Vodka

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