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24 July 2018

Star Trek inspired vodka launches at Comic-Con

Submitted by: Team GVA

“Celebrating the bold spirit of exploration embodied by the Enterprise and its crew, Ten-Forward Vodka is made from choice American Grain, carefully distilled 6 times, and delivered via terrestrial and interstellar transport for the enjoyment of discerning adventurers on planet Earth, aboard the Starship Enterprise-D, and across the galaxy” explains Ten-Forward Vodka’s website.

The launch of Ten-Forward Vodka was announced at 2018’s Comic-Con, inspired by the Ten Forward lounge on the Starship Enterprise. The vodka is a partnership between Silver Screen Bottling and CBS Consumer products.

In terms of production, Ten-Forward vodka is distilled six times from American grain, and filtered trough hardwood charcoal. Before bottling, a small batch of the alcohol is sent out into the edge of the earth’s atmosphere using a high-altitude balloon, this is then blended with the rest of the product. Ten-Forward suggests this process ensures each bottle is from ‘space’.

We could also not find any information on distillery location or details, most likely in the USA with a large third party producer. It’s not a product likely define itself as craft anytime soon.

Although no tasting notes are supplied, Ten-Forward explains the liquid is “soft and delicate enough to drink straight or mixed into your favourite cocktail.” A sentence which explains very little to anyone truly interested in taste.

The product is not yet widely available to buy and holds no specific pricing. For more information on the product visit:

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