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30 November 2017

Stoli Vodka Releases Limited Edition Recipe

Submitted by: Nik Koster

Stoli Vodka, today announced the release of its 80th anniversary vodka, featuring a variation of the traditional Stolichnaya recipe, a limited edition bottle and a decorative gift box.

The new recipe brings together three ingredients – 80% wheat, 10% rye and 10% buckwheat.

Within the tasting notes they say the vodka is: “a spirit that combines notes of spicy aniseed, vanilla and crème caramel, with a delicate texture, a rich sweetness and a light, dry finish” and hass: “the Character of 1938. The Smoothness of 2018."

It is presented with a bottle closure, a two-part front label printed on specialty craft paper and a gift box detailing Stoli's 80-year heritage.

Stoli's 80th Anniversary Vodka will be on shelves for two months, releasing in select Asia-Pacific and European markets and duty-free channels beginning today and rolling out to additional markets in early 2018. wheat composition delivers on Stoli's signature purity

"We are proud of the fact that we have been producing our unrivalled, high-quality vodka for 80 years," said Hugues Pietrini, Global President and CEO of Stoli Group. "Over our storied history, we have innovated with various product introductions and elevated the vodka category.”

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